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·Composition about the advantages and disadvantages of being FASHION-CONSCIOUS.

---There are two opinions about being fashion-conscious. One of that thoughts, is that some people believe that to be on fashion is the best option but others consider that it's a crazy thing.

---People who think that the best clothes are the only which are on, at the moment, that are new on the shops, believe that they are or look more beautiful than others who always wear the same things. And also, they think that they could be accepted by other new groups.

---On the other hand, others feel that the new clothes are more expensive and that is true. Sometimes, being fashion-conscious makes you wear clothes that you really don't like and makes you look like an idiot. Discrimination, is a disadvantage for this group of people, because in some cases they are not taking part of any club or association, etc.

---In conclusion, the two options have their arguments in favour and against about being fashion-conscious. I think that if you want to be fashionable you could do it but with consciousness and wear only the clothes that you consider that are beautiful for you and don't wear all the things that the shops want to impose to you.



..Florencia Belén González, was born in 1992 in Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is a student at the Institute Polimodal Arzobispo Jorge Matulaitis. She has one sister and a little cat called Cati.
..Her childhood was very funny, she says. She used to play very frequently with dolls with friends and go to the park every weekend.
..At school, her behaviour is excellent. She always does her homework on time, studies for exams, helps her classmates, etc. However, she goes to a private english teacher.
..Florencia feels a big appreciation for the football player, Guillermo Barros Esquelotto of Boca Junior Team because she admires how he improved in his job. But for her future, she doesn't have any plans yet.


A wild animal on the street of Buenos Aires

_One day, I was walking with my parents on a street near the Zoo of Buenos Aires when a big tiger appeared in front of us. People in the street started to run and scream for help but all that we could do was stay quite looking at the tiger because we couldn't move. The tiger was looking at us, too and he was about only 2 metres from us!
_Suddenly, a gropu of guardian of the zoo appeared and told us that the tiger had escaped from the zoo when they were trying to bathe him and they took back the tiger to the zoo.
_It was a wonderful experience but we admit that we were a bit afraid.

Formal letter:

Dear Sir or Madam,
_______________I am writing to ask you for more information in connection with your organization to become a member.
_______________I would like to know if there is a branch in my country and how much it costs becoming a member of the 'World Wild Fud of Nature'. And also, if this is an independient organisation.
_______________I would be pleased if you could tell me what kind of activities the members do and what they receive for being part of the organisation. I do not have much experience of this type of work because I am only sixteen years old. By the way, how old do volunteers need to be?
_______________Finally, I would prefer to take up the work in summer or at weekends because I have to study and I also work at night so I do not have any freetime.
_______________If there is anything else I need to know please let me know.
_______________I look forward to receiving your reply.
_______________Your faithfully,
___________________________Tamara S. Canzobre


Wild Turkeys Gobble Up Suburb

_The wild turkeys adapt to suburban life in Avon, Connecticut because people feeds them and they don't hurt them so the turkeys don't want to leave the suburbs.
_Also, there are other animals that are accustoned to humans like doer and raccons.
In Avon, the wild turkeys now rule the roost in some parts of town.


Should People Be Allowed To Keep Exotic Animals As Pets?

_Many people seem to look for exotic animals to keep as pets. I wonder wheter this should be allowed.
_Firstly, animals could be protected by people in their houses from the danger that their habitat present, like hunters. Also, exotic animals may eat better than in their habitat and they could live in better conditions, too.
_On the other hand, some exotic animals are dangerous for people. Also, animals couldn't live in their habitat so they couldn't live with others like them and this could be a problem for the reproduction of their species.
_In my opinion, I think that it's better that animals live in their habitat and in relation with our question, I think that it's must be a prohibition.

.A paragraph about an animal that you or someone you know looks after:

My grandfather has a lovely parrot which he keeps on a bird-cage in his house. He feeds its all the time, bacause when the animal eat, it starts to talk. The parrot who was called Peter was trained to talk for two years but it only says a few words.

It is a precious parrot, Peter has got beautiful colour wings. My grandfather looks after it very carefully because it is the only one that is with him in his house.


·The Pros and Cons of Using Computers in the Classroom·

The puspose of this report is to make suggestions and recommendations about how computers could be used in the classroom.

Projects and Presentations
· Students could be helped by searching information for homework or for some school project in the Internet.
· Students could be communicating with another country and passing their own culture, customes and traditions.
· Students could learn how some programs are used, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint or FrontPage.
· Pupils in kindergarden or primary school could use it to learn to write, read, make asosiations with pictures and sounds, etc.

To sum up, computers are very important in the classroom, because it has a lot of benefits for the students nowadays. In my opinion, if it is posible, I believe that every school must have computers in their classrooms.


·..§tr@ng€ Büt Trü€..·

Last holiday, a group of friends went to a birthday party of one of them.
At first it was fanny. However, when all the lights went out and all was in shadows and in silence, they heard a scream from a woman on the second floor. They were afraid, so they started to shout for help.
Suddenly, the lights came back and the house owner arrived and told the boys that the screams were from the ghost of a girl that had been killed by her husband in that house in 1.800, and that now he heard that all nights.
At last, all the friends were quiet and they went on with the party.
The End.


·Oo..The Letter..oO·

Dear Vane,

I'm writing to say thanks for your letter. I will try to answer your letters faster, I had a lot of things to do, sorry.
I still go to school, so I have to study for the last exams, I'm very nervous!
I study all days so, I don't have time to do anything, I can't go out! If I pass the exams, I promise you that I will visit you.
I'm so happy for your graduation, congratulation!
Well, what are you doing? Is it all OK? I hope that you and your family are well.
Write soon with all your news.